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Who we are

Fair Trade Vancouver is a non-profit organization that seeks to increase awareness, availability, and sales of Fair Trade products in Metro Vancouver.

By purchasing goods with the Fair Trade Certified logo, you support equality and contribute to empowering hardworking individuals and their families to build sustainable futures.

Latest News

Fair Trade Vancouver is looking for a new Executive Director! We’re a small team of volunteers who are passionate about Fair Trade and dedicated to leading the movement in Vancouver. We meet up monthly at local social spots and run events to engage businesses and the public with Fair Trade. Our ED organizes Fair Trade Vancouver in all its strategy and activities. The position comes with many opportunities to build networks with local businesses, non-profits, and institutions and gain leadership … read more

The 2016 year was one with many changes for the FTV team! Sadly quite a few of our FTV veterans moved on to other equally great opportunities. However, it was also with great pleasure that we welcomed several more fresh and talented faces to our Fair Trade Community! Because of this, Fair Trade Vancouver’s work and outreach during the 2017 year will increasingly support businesses and institutions in their transition towards acquiring fairer products. Please click here if you are interested … read more

Give the Gift of Fair Trade! Some Fair Trade Gift Ideas for Loved Ones Choosing the perfect gift for a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or even a little ‘pick me up’ is no mean feat. We all want to give a gift that has some meaning or value behind it. For your next special occasion, why not consider a Fair Trade certified gift? With the fantastic range of fairly made products available online and in stores, there … read more