Food, Friends and Fair Trade Coffee

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The sun came out just in time for the Meet Your Maker” event today honoring Fair Trade Campus Week at UBC! I had the pleasure of stopping by the UBC bookstore this morning to find a cluster of local companies handing out free samples and chatting with students about ethical and healthy snack foods! The event was made possible by UBC’s Engineers Without Borders, Food Services , the UBC Farm, and also featured the tasty products of  some awesome and ethical local companies. Although I was not able to stick around for the whole event, I did manage to grab a free and hot cuppa fair trade joe from our friends at Ethical Bean. Community events like these are great places to take a break, meet cool people, and ultimately learn something new!

Fair Trade Campus week is not over yet folks! UBC’s Engineers Without Borders is having a Fair Trade Pancake Breakfast on Friday September 26. Come by the new UBC Bookstore from 9-11am for some free and fair trade chocolaty-chip pancakes! That’s right I did say FREE!

This is Rita signing off,

Your friend at Fairtrade Van

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